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I am Sarah Russis, an international host and presenter who keeps your audience at the edge of their seats! From a young age, I had a vision for what I wanted my professional future to look like: to work with people from around the world and inspire others. I have danced in front of audiences large and small since the age of four so the stage is my home. In my family, we sing and dance every time we meet, it is in our DNA. So when I am asked to present or host an event, I think of it as a show: prepare as much as possible before the event and let the beauty of the "live" deliver the rest. It always works its magic and the result is an audience, here, present, enjoying and capturing the moment.
I make your event something to remember. I love sharing stories with impact: impact in how I present, who I present and what I present.
From my origins to my choice of studies and career, all has helped me become the host I am today. I am half European, half African and studied foreign languages and international business. I moved to the UK in 2009 and started developing the business of a french start-up from scratch on my own. I have spent the last 12 years at the Financial Times newspapers as an expert in data analysis solutions and have worked with government leaders, academics and corporates in more than 100 countries. All of this combined means I am able to understand deeply my clients' needs and present all topics from business to sports to entertainment and more.
Throughout the years, I’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects while meeting influential and creative individuals along the way. For more information about how we can work together on an upcoming project, and if you need a host that makes the difference, get in touch today

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